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Stichting Climate-KIC International Foundation has a formal objective of contributing to the protection of nature and the environment, including enhancement of sustainability, by way of catalysing systemic change for climate action through innovation. The Foundation is at the forefront of seeking to engage in activities that provide a benefit to the climate mission and most importantly to the public and communities across the globe.

Resultingly, the Foundation has entered into an agreement with GIZ exclusively on behalf of and for the account of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (‘BMZ’) to accelerate climate tech solutions for a net-zero Africa.

This project will significantly strengthen the climate-focused innovation ecosystems of African countries by providing necessary support to early-stage business with ideas and potential to contribute to decarbonised development. The Foundation will leverage its vast experience to set out a comprehensive and integrated strategy to identify and support African early-stage businesses with their climate tech solutions.

The aim of this call for proposals is to identify an organisation that will implement a climate accelerator delivered with the support of ClimAccelerator (EIT Climate-KIC’s platform to support partners around the world to deliver climate focused acceleration programmes) targeting 15 climate start-ups across Africa. The ClimAccelerator will provide the support needed by the start-ups in order to validate their business model, to build a solid customer traction, to structure their organization, to prepare them to raise early stage funding and explore how (within their business model) they can generate maximum social and environmental benefit.

The partner must have a strong network throughout the continent, be able to justify a good understanding of African markets and be able to support startups from various regions. A previous experience running acceleration programs would be appreciated as well as a solid understanding of climate problems and technologies in the continent. The mission is at the forefront of these activities and this should be important to the selected partner. The partner will be selected on his ability to build an African green ecosystem, capability and experience of the acceleration team, ability to mobilise a network of mentors, good connection with markets as well as early-stage impact investors.

Applications must be submitted by midnight 25.08.2021 using the corresponding application form. We will not accept late submissions. Any changes to the proposal requested by the applicant after submission will not be allowed. All applications should be written in English, exceptions can be made for supporting documentation if deemed necessary.

In order to participate in the information session on the 11.08.21 and for any questions related to the programme or the application, please reach us on



Stichting Climate-KIC International Foundation will publish its projects and activities on this page when they commence.

Stichting Climate-KIC International Foundation is initially supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

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